Pros and Cons Between “Paid Per Ad” and Commission Based Ad Posting Jobs


There is such a common confusion between the two different types of ad posting job offers on the web. The first type of ad posting position is in the affiliate marketing realm, which is commission based work. This entails typing ads on the internet. The second offer going around is much similar and involves much […]

Study Help for High School Students


Students at the age of high school, their bodies develop physically from being kids to being adults, this make most students think in a different way that they never thought before, especially sexual realizations. Most students in this age focus less in what they should study and focus more on adult matters like having sexual […]

Failing School Depression


Failing school is one of the main factors for a student to get depressed especially if it is the first year for the student to fail, it might make him feel as following:- • Shocked • Unfocused • Uneasy • Indifferent • Ashamed • Afraid • Anxious • Unstuck Failing school depression definition is the […]

3 Ways To Improve The Profitability Of Your Affiliate Business

sage one 9.17.15

There are 3 things you can do to improve the profitability of your affiliate business. They are not difficult but they do take some mastering and you need to make sure you get the correct guidance and support to ensure you maximise your efforts. The first one is to build a list of subscribers. I […]

2 Good Study Habits

lifestyle portrait of two teenage females as they sit on a bed and study their homework

Study habits are the actions you do daily to study and are also the actions you do while you are studying. This can be the time you set to study every day and how you manage other daily habits so that your results at the end of the school year satisfy you the most. You […]

Globalization and Its Impact on Accounting Education


Globalization, defined by as ‘worldwide integration and development,’ is a movement that has affected many industries worldwide. One of the main industries affected by globalization is the accounting industry, including college accounting education. College accounting education has been affected by the 150 credit hour requirement to sit for the CPA, and the issue of […]

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