Where are the Next Major Breakthroughs Holographic Technology?


Everyone wants their cell phone to work like the Star Wars holographic conferencing phone, but will it ever be possible? It may very well be. The technology maybe a combination of spectral imaging and holographic 3D projection, but the user will probably not know or care where it came from. The major breakthroughs in the […]

Job Interview Tips: 5 Tips for a Lasting Impression


The job interview is feared by some, relished by others, but is a necessity, allowing you and your potential employer a small snippet of time to rate each other. It is a time when nerves can ruin your chance for an amazing career. It is a time when the right attitude can make a world […]

The Smart Way to Education


The impact of globalization is in every sphere of life, paving the way for more career opportunities and bringing the world closer. This has changed the whole concept of education system, making it more flexible and interesting. The technology has entered our classrooms a long time back in the form of computers, language labs, audio-visual […]

Future of Education: Going the Online Way!

No longer is education limited to just traditional ‘brick and mortar’ classrooms. Right from kids to adults, everyone is going the online way as far as education is concerned via a series of online classes and courses. These classes are offered either by experienced independent teachers or by schools and colleges that also conduct regular […]

Making Money Business Opportunity Online – How to Profit From Online Opportunities


Nowadays, lots of people desire good information about “make money business opportunity” online programs. Many people have a desire to earn some extra cash to supplement whatever they are making from their regular jobs. Others simply want to make money exclusively online. I also had that wish when I started some time ago. I have […]

Australia Migration: Getting a Student Visa


The educational system in Australia is very highly regarded around the world, offering a wide range of internationally recognised courses. The universities in particular have a very high academic standard and a reputation for excellence especially in research-intensive fields. There are many opportunities for sports and extra-curricular activities, all within beautifully designed campuses conducive to […]

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